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Located in Allison Park, Pennsylvania, Miller & Miller Attorneys at Law PLLC, is a client-centered law firm dedicated to providing tailored legal solutions efficiently in order to make our clients’ lives easier. Handling a wide variety of legal matters, we focus our attention on partnering with our clients to approach the matter as a team.
Our firm prides itself on its legacy, with roots going back 45 years. Today, we are a modern practice that is constantly adapting to meet our clients’ needs. Our father-son team of attorneys understands the impact that legal challenges can have on your life. Our firm is here to reach a resolution that helps not only in the short term, but in the long term as well.
To learn more about the lawyers at our firm and their extensive experience, please see their profiles by clicking on their names below:

Slade R. Miller

Russell C. Miller

James H. Limbaugh

Beata I. Gray

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Amber McMaster

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Practical Client-Focused Solutions

We understand that our clients do not exist and engage in business solely to keep their attorneys in business. We know that our clients are looking for practical, efficient and straightforward solutions to solve the legal issues that arise. Each of our clients is unique, and the issues they face need to be reviewed on an individualized basis. When a legal problem arises, it can grind a business or a person to a halt and be emotionally taxing. We provide prompt responses to our clients and help develop individualized strategic solutions to navigate through their legal problems.

Our clients come from all walks of life and include individuals, families, small and mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and other entities. We provide representation in estate planning, trust and estate administration, real estate law, commercial and business law, commercial litigation or other issues. We are here to listen to you and work together to find a solution that suits your best interests and life.

Easing Your Concerns About Your Case

The legal marketplace is somewhat problematic. Potential clients do not know the subject matter nearly as well as the attorney. How to solve a problem, as there are normally numerous ways, or what type of attorney can solve the problem is difficult for the average client to determine, and the costs related to the solution are nebulous. While we cannot change the law or the situation to limit every legal problem to only one legal solution, we can take the time to educate our clients and help them understand all of the potential solutions and all of the potential ramifications. We have found that this approach helps our clients deal with the natural uncertainty created by the law and legal marketplace and helps us establish long-term relationships with our clients.

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We are ready to begin working on your case. To discuss your specific case and concerns with a member of our troubleshooting team, call our office at 412-430-9590 or send us a message online.