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New grants to help farms and small businesses in Pennsylvania

If you want to help your business save money at the same time as reducing pollution, then you may be interested in these new grants that are available to farmers in Pennsylvania. In a press release issued by the TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce, it was announced that new grant funding was being made available to both small business owners and farmers through the state’s Department of Environmental Protection’s Small Business Advantage Grant program.

The program encourages businesses to install energy-efficient equipment that helps them save money over time and reduce emissions and other environmental concerns. Farmers may benefit from the program because the grants give them support for diverting nutrient runoff and sediment from the state waterways.

Who is eligible for the grants?

The grants are available to small business owners and farmers in Pennsylvania who have 100 or fewer full-time employees. Any projects that the grants are used for need to save the businesses at least 25% annually in pollution-related expenses or energy consumption. The projects must also save the businesses at least $500 annually.

The minimums don’t apply to all of the projects that businesses or farmers might want to complete, like natural resource protection projects, but those projects have other requirements that have to be met.

How much money can businesses get?

Businesses can ask for up to 50% of funds (matching) for materials or equipment up to a total of $7,000. This program remains open until the funds run out or until April 12, 2021.