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3 reasons to invest in an employee handbook for your company

When you just start your business, you probably improvised many things. You may have paid a few close friends or family members that you could trust to fill multiple roles at the business.

Once your hiring extends beyond your immediate inner circle, you have to start thinking about your obligations and liabilities as an employer. One of the most common ways for companies to address their obligations to their staff and their expectations for their workers is to create an employee handbook. There are many compelling reasons to invest in such a document, including the three below.

A handbook lets workers know what to expect from your business

People often bring unfounded expectations in to employment relationships. They might expect a certain amount of time off or paid breaks during their shift just because they had them at another company.

When your company doesn’t live up to those expectations, you could run in to conflicts that could have financial and legal repercussions for the business. Making sure that your employees understand what compensation and benefits you will provide reduces conflict based on unmet expectations.

A handbook tells your employees what you expect of them

From the way that they behave on social media if they list you as their employer to the clothing, makeup and hairstyle they wear at work, you can give your employees a good idea of your expectations for them with a thorough employee handbook. From job performance standards and disciplinary policies to conduct codes, your employee handbook can cover all of your expectations for your staff.

A handbook can limit your company’s liability

If you have a handbook explaining how to report sexual harassment on the job or outlining your policies for paid time off and medical accommodations, workers will have a harder time claiming that you didn’t protect them from abuse or comply with employment laws.

An employee handbook combined with a solid employment contract can help set your company up to be a good, law-abiding employer.