Troubleshooting Legal Problems

Should I have an attorney review a contract before I sign it?

You may think that having an attorney in Pennsylvania review a contract before you sign it is unnecessary. In fact, you might be tempted to skip this step altogether. Well, think again.  

You can save yourself considerable time and money later on by getting an attorney to look a contract over before you make a commitment. If a contract has problems with, for example, its language and details, you could ultimately wind up in court because of issues that might have been easily fixed beforehand.  

Some experts sternly warn against failing to have an attorney check a contract. According to Forbes magazine, “The cost of foregoing attorney review of your business agreements can be astronomical in comparison to what it costs to have someone review the documents and discuss how the deal works before signing.”  

Why it’s an excellent idea to have an attorney review a contract before you sign it 

  • An experienced lawyer will see difficulties with a contract that you might not even have detected.  
  • Having a professional look at a contract from an objective legal viewpoint just makes sense. You might be focusing too narrowly on concerns like profits and losses. An attorney will examine the legal fine points you may not be familiar with or realize the importance of. 
  • You are not an expert in the law. If you are the only person who checks over a contract you sign, you are on the hook with “no recourse,” as Forbes magazine states. 
  • If a contract was written by someone acting on behalf of another party or entity, it might not be as fair to you as it is to them. An attorney will ensure that the contract protects your interests. 

Contracts are documents that can be complicated, detailed and highly consequential for you. Know all the 
legal ramifications before you sign on the dotted line.