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3 things every executor needs to do right away

You may have been appointed the executor of a family member’s estate at some point in their life. If they recently passed away, then you have several matters you need to do as their executor.

It is critical to act swiftly when upholding your duty as an executor. As the executor, you can be held personally liable if the estate is not handled properly. Here is what you should do first:

Obtain death certificates

You should have multiple copies of your family member’s death certificate and any additional info from the funeral home and the state’s vital records office. This ensures you have proof of their death when securing their estate, claiming any benefits and contacting.

Secure the home and store personal items

Other family members may move fast onto the deceased family member’s home to take what interests them. It is your duty to go to the estate and ensure everything is locked down.

If your deceased family member had lots of personal valuables then you may need to put them away until the estate is settled. It can be hard for other family members to restrain from claiming what they believe is rightfully theirs.

Find a place to care for pets

If your family member left any pets then it may be in your best interest to find someone to care for them. A family member’s death is a difficult time and caring for their pet can be tricky while enacting as their executor.

There are many steps in fulfilling the duties of the executor of your family member’s estate. An experienced attorney can help ensure every matter is attended to appropriately.