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Growth strategies for your small business

Business growth doesn’t happen overnight. However, you can see consistent, incremental growth with the right business growth strategy. 

The key is to use the right tactics to achieve this growth. Some proven and effective tactics to try are highlighted below.

Create a sales funnel

You need a way to get potential customers from the point of considering a purchase to making a purchase. Your sales funnel is the journey they take. It’s up to you to find ways to get people to move from visiting your site to shopping your products and eventually making a purchase. 

Some examples of effective ways to move customers through your sales funnel include creating compelling calls to action, offering discounts or getting their contact information to send updates and deals. 

Form partnerships with other businesses

Is there a business that relates to yours without being direct competition? Could they refer customers to you and vice versa? If so, it’s time to form a strategic business partnership to benefit you. 

An example of this type of partnership is between Target and Starbucks. Both businesses benefit from the presence of the other. You need to find businesses to develop this type of partnership with. 

Find ways to expand your product or service offerings

While you may be doing great with your current product or service offerings, growth requires you to “think big” in many cases. Think about offering complementing services or products that would encourage repeat purchases and new buyers. 

Growing your business

Business growth may bring about new legal challenges. Because of this, any time you plan to make a move, it’s important to know how it may impact your business structure or other legal components.