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Why you need a business partner with different skills

You’re probably tempted to choose a business partner who is similar to you. In fact, many people end up starting businesses with their friends or family members, and it is their similarities that originally brought them together for the project. They see these as strengths, attributes that will help in a business environment.

In some senses, this can be true. It is important to have a business partner you get along with, and you do need to be able to work together. It’s also good to have the same goals and the same vision for the company, so some similarities are necessary. 

But it is also best to have a business partner who has different skills:

A well-rounded business

Everyone has specific skills that they excel at and different things that they lack. For a business to succeed, however, it often needs to be well-rounded. Business partners may need to bring a variety of skills and be able to address different issues.

For instance, your business partner could bring networking experience and skills at connecting with customers. You may bring technical expertise and an understanding of the market. All of these skills together can make a company strong. 

If you choose a business partner who has the skills that you don’t, and who lacks the skills that you have, then your business can be as well-rounded as possible. This can make it more successful. Additionally, this can lower the odds of a dispute between you and your business partner simply because you will not naturally drift toward the same roles and obligations within the company.

After you choose a business partner and decide to launch your new company, be sure you look into all of the legal steps that you will need to take at this time.