Troubleshooting Legal Problems

The Legal Direction That You Need After A Personal Injury

A car accident or any other type of accident resulting in serious or catastrophic injury can change your life in an instant. Suddenly, you face complex medical, financial and legal problems. You may encounter resistance from insurance companies, whether your losses are covered by someone else’s insurance policy or your own.

In situations like this, you need timely, effective legal help and answers. Miller & Miller Attorneys at Law PLLC offers clients the benefit of our lawyers’ extensive experience in litigation.

Types Of Accidents, Injuries And Losses That Our Clients Have Faced

Miller & Miller Attorneys at Law PLLC represents people who have been injured or lost loved ones in a wide variety of accidents, including:

  • Car, truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Boating and other recreational accidents
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Dog bites and other animal attacks
  • Injuries caused by defective products
  • Third-party liability construction accident cases
  • Injuries occurring on dangerous premises
  • Egregious medical mistakes, such as wrong-site surgery
  • Professional malpractice, such as accounting and legal malpractice

Injuries and losses include the following:

  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) resulting in paralysis (paraplegia or quadriplegia)
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Burn injuries
  • Back, neck and shoulder injuries
  • Amputations
  • Substantial financial losses

Our trial lawyers also handle other plaintiffs’ claims, including wrongful death and property damage cases, as well as real estate-related loss claims and business interruption claims. We stand up to insurers and if necessary, bring bad-faith insurance claims when insurers renege on their policy terms.

How We Advocate For Our Injured Clients

We start the process of advising and representing our clients by gathering as much information as possible about the accident, the injured person and their losses. We then thoughtfully and thoroughly analyze the entire situation so that we can give our client a straightforward assessment of their case. Once a representation agreement is in place, we are ready to begin a detailed investigation, which may include accident reconstruction to determine fault and liability.

Our personal injury lawyers get to know our injured clients and their families well. Our clients are able to talk to the attorney who is handling their case. They are not pushed off onto a staff member or to another attorney who is not directly involved in the matter. We believe in keeping our clients informed and up to date on the progress of their cases.

Aggressive Pursuit Of Fair Compensation

Our attorneys are zealous advocates who work to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected. While many times a settlement offer can be obtained without resorting to trial, we understand that not all injury cases will be amicably or reasonably resolved through negotiations alone. We prepare every case as if we will have to go to trial. Some do go to trial, where we fight hard for our clients’ rights to fair compensation. Other cases are resolved through a settlement or sometimes alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as mediation or arbitration.

Discuss the most promising path to recovery of compensation after an accident or in case of a dispute with an insurance company. Contact a trial lawyer at Miller & Miller by calling 412-487-6661 or by sending us an email inquiry.